What Tha Windows?!

Nice time for my second blog post.
Well, Windows What is almost finished (started scene 3). Meanwhile I’m already writing the script for the Halloween Special and I started drawing a bit for a short called “It’s a bird”.
Not sure when everything’s finished.
I’m also trying out some 3D, I found this thing on the YouTube Blog, so I made something quick in Maya. I’m now trying to put more effort in it and maybe make something which i for now like to call “The Illusion”.
Next blog post will probably be when I finished Windows What.


One thought on “What Tha Windows?!

  1. Hey there! I am not totally sure what you’re blog is about, but since you mentioned Windows, I thought you might be interested in this video. It’s episode 3 of web series My Intern Life @ Microsoft, a documentary of the video diaries of real, current Microsoft interns….

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