Why is it a Halloween Special again?

I’m not going to finish the Halloween Special before (or on) October 31st. I don’t like hurrying, and besides, Flash won’t put all the scenes together and Kevin hasn’t even voiced a single line.
I’ll try to finish it in the next weeks (I hope). but for now I’m going to do nothing (except for making that presentation about global warming.. but that can be considered as nothing).

After my well-deserved nothingness and my finishing of the Halloween Special of course I’ll probably start with a new project called “The Mine”. I wrote the script a while ago, even before ‘Windows What’ was out on Youtube. I was even going to cancel it, but Wouter (Nerv) wants me to make it, so yeah. I hope this will be the first animation which will be actually partly be animated by Jeroen (Hachigo). He says he understands Flash now. not quite sure about that, but we will see. It’ll be fun anyway (or should I say aniway ?)

p.s. oh, and you should really go see this video: http://bit.ly/1J9ddz I wonder how they made the misty thing..


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