Q p d eI t (update)

Has been a while since my last blog post..

There haven’t been any ‘big’ videos lately, mainly because we’re still working on Actual Film..
There have been some ‘small’ videos, though!

Here are some simple edits:

And I spent a little more time on this one:

I also got addicted to singing synthesis (making a computer sing). Which explains this post’s title; that’s the phoneme system the English version of probably the most popular singing synthesizer, Vocaloid, uses.
These were made with Hatsune Miku (Japanese) for Vocaloid:

And this one was made with UTAU, using Shinya Yume, which was made by OkitaLean. It’s a cover of the demo song for a new Vocaloid, which can sing in Korean. This new Vocaloid is also going to be Vocaloid3, which seems to be a quite awesome new version. UTAUloids have been able to sing in any language from the moment it existed, however.. Well, here’s the video :

Now I’ll go back to planning Actual Film.. If all else fails, I’ll replace the missing shots with CGI xD

That’s it for now, and remember, everything tastes better with ice trapezoids. (we didn’t have any ice cubes)


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