I still exist!

Good day,

Lots of new videos, few blog updates..

Let’s start with a 9-second animation:

Then, there was Salem! I kind of parodied ‘Tom’s Dog‘, by replacing the dog with my cat Salem, and playing my own version of the song:

I made a short sketch-video-thingy. Coincidentally I’m currently (while I’m writing this) sitting in the same room where this was filmed (Kevin’s place):

I made a sequence of songs, which, together, I decided to call ‘Figurse‘:

Another song, called Dark. I already have an idea for the next song (which is obviously going to be called Light). From now on, I think I’m going to give my music videos that represent it (instead of just still images).

Finally, I made a trailer for my YouTube channel:

Maybe, just maybe, I should tell you I have a second channel now: BenimationBla

That’s it for now, and remember, everything tastes better with imagination:


2 thoughts on “I still exist!

  1. So little text. Such large pictures. My eyes hurt. How ’bout writing a blogpost for every video you make and explain how you made it?

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