Ze Mine!

(don’t forget to read this post with a japanese accent)

Ze Mine iz finiished!

I used a few programs to make it, besides Flash.

Now I’m working on Actual Film.
The script is finished!
We haven’t filmed anything yet.. but we were going to..
another teaser thingy, to test my motion-tracking skills a bit:

I’m actually making a stop-motion with Bjorn, the music and one shot of it are finished.

So.. Enough stuff to do!
And remember, everything tastes better with food!

[Insert Awesome Title]

So I sink it’s sime fors another blog posst..

So the last video I’ve talked about here appears to be ‘The Cube of Forgettyness-ish’,
well, I actually uploaded 5 new videos!

Being Us

This is what we made instead of Actual Film in the first week of our summer holiday. Actual Film isn’t cancelled or something, oh no!
I know the sound quality is pretty bad, that’s why I’m looking for better ways to record the audio. I was thinking of either using my USB mic and a laptop, or voice everything in post-production.

Actual Film Trailer

Well, yeah, a trailer, or more a teaser.. I don’t like telling too much about the movie before it’s finished, so I basically said nothing about it xD
You’d help us allot if you sent either that video, or this image to lots of people:

AutoTune The Game

I got AutoTune! and what better way of trying it out than AutoTuning the spoken wikipedia article on my favourite game, The Game! (uploaded on International Lose The Game Day of course)

How to make a sandwich MY WAY

well, yeah; how I make a sandwich. I always make these huge sandwiches, and I wanted to share that with the web 😉
Was also an excuse to test the camera of my new iPod Touch (4th Generation)

A Flight

I’ve been into 3D stuff; both 3D modeling and stereo 3D (read: hey-I-can-orbit-around-this-by-using-my-computer’s-mouse-3D and hey-there’s-stuff-coming-right-at-me-as-soon-as-I-put-on-these-stupid-glasses-3D)
So I basically combined them, I hope you’ve got some of those old cardboard red-blue glasses, otherwise you’ll have to find out how cross-eyed 3D works!

Well, let’s finally end this blog-post!
And remember, everything tastes better with Sambal.

Actual The Mine of Forgettyness-ish

so I finished that The Cube of Forgettyness-ish thingy a while ago:

I’m now working on The Mine, this is sort of the intro, at least so far:

It’s unlisted, so don’t spread the link too much 😉

We’re also writing the script for the actual film I was going to make. We got a pretty good philosophical background-story, only we haven’t written much..

In other news, I designed an iPhone icon for Cakebomb:

OMGWTFBBQ! Bing said: “That is awesome! If we ever do make an app, we will use that icon.”!

Well, that’s it for now, and remember, everything tastes better with Kuchup.

oblivious CKV-ish thingy

We finished the CKV project!

It looks pretty good, though I thought it would be better if it was actually in the same order as the script I wrote.. It was fun to make anyway.

I said before that the next animation would be “The Mine”. I lied. I’m first going to make a short called “The Cube of Forgettyness-ish” (thingy).

I’m also planning to make some short live-action films.

That’s it for now, and remember: everything tastes better with extra salt.

Carrying on..

oh yeah, Hunted is finished!

I’m still working on the project for CKV, but my computer in exploded to Germany for reparation. Also Declan wants to film everything on a flip HD, which he hasn’t bought yet..
I also started writing the script for The Mine, now just wait for Wouters suggestion.

Next blog will probably be when my computer exploded back to the Netherlands,

in the mean time, remember: everything tastes better with cheese

Dear HD Test..

I finished Dear Popcorn!

I also uploaded an HD 1080 test. it took a whole week to render it in Maya!

Also, I’m going to name the halloween special “Hunted” and I’m going to make it a bit shorter.. just a few more lines and it’s done.

Expect ‘Hunted’ to be finished before Xmas, and remember, everything tastes better with cheese!

Hunting CKV

Hi there,
I still didn’t finish the halloween special, but I will soon (I hope).
Also I’m going to call it “Hunted”, because it wasn’t too halloween themed anyway.

I also have to make a short film for CKV (Art and Culture Education). I’ll work on this with Jeroen (Hachigo), Björn (Roger) and Declan. We had to choose between animation and live-action, but it we’ve chosen both. Me and Declan will probably upload it to YouTube. I’m not sure if we’re allowed to do it in English, if not, I’ll add subtitles.

By the way, I got an egg, please feed it

That’s it for now, and remember: Everything tastes better with unions!

Why is it a Halloween Special again?

I’m not going to finish the Halloween Special before (or on) October 31st. I don’t like hurrying, and besides, Flash won’t put all the scenes together and Kevin hasn’t even voiced a single line.
I’ll try to finish it in the next weeks (I hope). but for now I’m going to do nothing (except for making that presentation about global warming.. but that can be considered as nothing).

After my well-deserved nothingness and my finishing of the Halloween Special of course I’ll probably start with a new project called “The Mine”. I wrote the script a while ago, even before ‘Windows What’ was out on Youtube. I was even going to cancel it, but Wouter (Nerv) wants me to make it, so yeah. I hope this will be the first animation which will be actually partly be animated by Jeroen (Hachigo). He says he understands Flash now. not quite sure about that, but we will see. It’ll be fun anyway (or should I say aniway ?)

p.s. oh, and you should really go see this video: http://bit.ly/1J9ddz I wonder how they made the misty thing..