New Sketch?

Ok. This is gonna be a weird post.

So I’m trying to finish an animated sketch today, but at the same time I’m writing this blog post. (So you can scroll down to see if I did it xD)

arg.. blender won’t work on my MacBook..

So I’m going to open up Flash now..
Great, all art is done, lip-syncing complete.. now just find a scream sound and animate a character running away..

What was the last video I talked about here??
– I = Fantasy – Korean Vocaloid3 UTAU cover
I made a Dutch version of that one:
How do I embed a video in this new version of WordPress?!
Never mind, I found the old editor

But that was actually my latest video.. From now on I’ll try to post them in order..

I made three sketches (four if I finish this one today).

these lines don’t have the same thickness..

Weather (probably the funniest one):

Arg.. WordPress is lagging a bit..
You would think I used the time that it took to load to animate.
I played around with the calculator in Mac OS. (I made it talk).

Anyway, second sketch: Location

Aaaand the third one: Air

Meanwhile in animating land..
I made the character’s hands move upwards..
Now make its mounth move..
I think I’m gonna use one of Flash’s build-in sounds for the scream. I know, I’m lazy

For how many frames should he scream.. hmm, what’s 270 – 185? Mac OS calculator..

Actually it looks quite good without the character running away, I’m almost finished! Still lazy

Music! Almost forgot it! I made some piano loops in GarageBand a while ago..


Here it is!


I’m probably going to make more of these. They don’t require too much time, and since I go to Fontys University of Applied Science I don’t have that much time anymore.. And I’m lazy.

(p.s. I assumed you knew you had to read this blog post with some kind of funny accent)